how to handle the heat

How to Handle the Heat

Summer is the busiest season for companies that work outdoors. Whether it’s construction, landscaping, or any outdoor career, warm weather means work! The sunshine is always a welcome relief after the cold, dreary months of winter; but it brings danger with it. In 2014, 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness Read more


10 Reasons Every Company Needs An EAP

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program – that’s the first thing you need to know! Employee Assistance Programs are vital to the health and success of a workplace, and here are all the reasons why. 1. Your employees may be struggling with problems they aren’t comfortable sharing – that’s why Read more


Everything You Need to Know About Sleep

The answers below tell you everything you need to know about sleep! What does sleep do for our bodies? Sleep is vital for our minds and bodies. It helps our nervous systems work properly and supports cell maintenance and repair. It also helps us maintain optimal emotional function. And, in Read more

relieve stress

To Relieve Stress, Declutter Your Life

Do you get hives thinking about a certain closet in your house? Do you purposely avoid going into your basement, because you don’t want to see the dusty storage boxes? We’ve all been there, and we know how it feels to have a cluttered, unorganized mess on our hands. But Read more

Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Know Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

March 28 is American Diabetes Association Alert Day. This might seem like a very specific day, because it is! It has a very specific purpose: to inform the community about diabetes and to get as many people as possible to take the diabetes risk test. Why is the risk test Read more

Grand Lake Health System

Partner Spotlight: Grand Lake Health System

We are very pleased to introduce Juan V. Torres, MD, MPH and Medical Director of Occupational Health at Grand Lake Health Systems. Dr. Torres has extensive experience in occupational medicine – but we’ll let him tell you about it! Why is Occupational Health important to you? Occupational Medicine is important Read more

St. Rita's Occupational Health

Partner Spotlight: St. Rita’s Occupational Health Clinic

Meet the staff of St. Rita’s Occupational Health Clinic! Their number one goal? Keeping employees safe. Here’s why and how they accomplish exactly that. Dr. Michael Humphrey Why is Occupational Health important to you? Occupational Health provides a great bridge to the working community. It’s sometimes easy to become isolated Read more