The Journey of a Cancer Survivor

Told by breast cancer survivor, Heather Cramer 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 34. Here is my story…….. In August 2013, I decided to do a self exam of my breasts since Read more


A Powerful Message to Women Everywhere: Cancer Awareness

National Cancer Survivor Day is June 5th, 2016. As we can imagine, the journey of a cancer survivor is one filled with many hardships, much stress, and a whirlwind of emotions. Many may not understand the extreme importance in keeping up to date with health and wellness checkups, screenings, etc. Read more


From Wellness to ‘Well-Being’ – What’s an Employer to Do?

Current trends in the Wellness industry are focusing on a broader picture of employee wellness that encompasses physical, emotional and financial health, in addition to wellness and health management. In his book WellBeing, author Tom Rath identifies 5 essential elements of wellbeing that include: Career Wellbeing – how you occupy Read more


Learning How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

If we continue to do the same things and behave the same way, we will always get the same results. In order to see positive results, we must make some changes. The habits that you have have taken a lifetime to build, which means it could be pretty challenging to Read more


Staying Healthy in the Workplace

Sticking to your health and wellness goals can be difficult in the workplace, especially with the influence of co-workers and the various snacks, lunches, and treats brought in from time to time. Every employee at some point in time has tried to change a behavior, whether it be exercising, eating Read more


Workplace Wellness Success Story

Over the past two months, Trisco Systems and Webb Insurance have been competing in a Biggest Loser contest in order to improve the health and wellness in their workplaces. Working with WCORHA has resulted in many positive changes at both companies, as they participate frequently in wellness challenges within their Read more