School Bus Driver Checklist

To ensure the safety of your students and those also sharing the road, your school bus drivers are required to meet all standards set on a federal and state level; Of those requirements drivers are to be physically and mentally qualified according to Ohio Administrative Code. Here’s a breakdown of Read more

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Spring Weather can Bring Hazards for your Drivers

We are finally rounding the corner with winter weather. Spring brings a whole new set of challenges to look out for depending on your industry. For bus drivers – regardless if they are city transportation or school bus drivers, weather changes can be an issue. Here are a few tips Read more


Keeping your Driver Healthy

Cold and flu season is upon us and it’s just like you prepare your rigs for cold weather, you need to make sure your body is ready as well. Professional truck drivers are at a high risk of getting sick because of the work environment. A driver is typically putting Read more


Winter Tips for Commercial Drivers

It’s Ohio, it’s November, it’s snowing! Anyone who has ever lived in the Midwest knows weather is unpredictable in our region. Sunny and 50 degrees in the morning and by the end of the day the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and there’s sleet and snow headed your way. While Read more


Keeping Your Drivers on the Road – Regulations & Compliance

Ensuring your drivers are healthy, safe and certified is key to keeping them on the road, and your business rolling forward. For Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers, maintaining certification ensures the safety of all those you are sharing the road with, as well as your own. DOT Regulation Change: Ensuring Read more

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Five foods to spice up a heart-healthy diet

If the phrase “heart-healthy diet” conjures up boring images of dried-out salads and rice cakes, hear us out. Don’t click away just yet because the truth is, knowledge is tasty. Once you understand the types of foods that can help improve your heart health, you might be surprised at how Read more