EAP for School Systems

We all have heard “leave the personal issues at home and the stresses or work at work,” and we all know that is easier said than done. Especially as a teacher. You love your students and care for them and their wellbeing so if they aren’t performing well in school Read more

Drug Abuse and Prevention Screenings

We all know successful businesses thrive due to strong leadership and a supportive team. What happens when that support team starts to weaken? Drug abuse in the workplace is a serious problem which can shake even the strongest of foundations. As a manager or supervisor we’d like to think we Read more

National Safety Month

It’s National Safety Month and while you should be constantly focused on improving safety, we’d like to offer a couple top safety distractions to focus on this month to help improve the overall safety and wellbeing of your team. Tired Much? Do you have swing shift employees? Is your 3rd shift Read more