Prevent Eye Injuries

Prevent Eye Injuries

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month! If you work in construction, medicine, landscape, or welding, you probably hear about this topic all the time. Eye protection is a critical part of Occupational Health and Safety, and for good reason: more than 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace everyday. We Read more

how to handle the heat

How to Handle the Heat

Summer is the busiest season for companies that work outdoors. Whether it’s construction, landscaping, or any outdoor career, warm weather means work! The sunshine is always a welcome relief after the cold, dreary months of winter; but it brings danger with it. In 2014, 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness Read more

Grand Lake Health System

Partner Spotlight: Grand Lake Health System

We are very pleased to introduce Juan V. Torres, MD, MPH and Medical Director of Occupational Health at Grand Lake Health Systems. Dr. Torres has extensive experience in occupational medicine – but we’ll let him tell you about it! Why is Occupational Health important to you? Occupational Medicine is important Read more

St. Rita's Occupational Health

Partner Spotlight: St. Rita’s Occupational Health Clinic

Meet the staff of St. Rita’s Occupational Health Clinic! Their number one goal? Keeping employees safe. Here’s why and how they accomplish exactly that. Dr. Michael Humphrey Why is Occupational Health important to you? Occupational Health provides a great bridge to the working community. It’s sometimes easy to become isolated Read more


Why An Occupational Health Provider Works!

Unfortunately, it’s true, not everyone can stay healthy every day of the year. Illnesses and accidents happen, even in the workplace. It’s imperative that every company be prepared for what incidents could happen while on the clock. In order to be prepared for what’s to come, a company has to Read more

Warm Weather Worksite Safety Tips

As warmer temperatures start to rise, construction crews are starting to get back out onto worksites. While some work year round, there are others who tend to focus their construction schedule around warmer months. Heat stress and heat related illness can strike fast, however they can be prevented by taking Read more