Prevent Eye Injuries

Prevent Eye Injuries

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month! If you work in construction, medicine, landscape, or welding, you probably hear about this topic all the time. Eye protection is a critical part of Occupational Health and Safety, and for good reason: more than 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace everyday. We Read more

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Halloween should be scary because of monsters – not because you’re worried about children’s safety. Trick or treating is a time to make memories and have fun in the community, and we want to make sure everyone does that without danger. Every person has a role in keeping trick-or-treaters safe. Read more


Protecting Your Eyes All Year Long

August is National Eye Exam Month. While getting your eyes checked by your doctor each year is extremely important, so is caring for your eyes every other day of the year. Many people may not be aware of just how many simple things you can do each day to maintain Read more


Create A Safety Culture

Work environments can have many different auras to them. There are business professional workplaces, laidback work environments, the fun-loving spaces, and everything else in between. But all companies and businesses should have something in common— that safety is embedded in their culture. No matter the tone of the overall office, Read more

Warm Weather Worksite Safety Tips

As warmer temperatures start to rise, construction crews are starting to get back out onto worksites. While some work year round, there are others who tend to focus their construction schedule around warmer months. Heat stress and heat related illness can strike fast, however they can be prevented by taking Read more