how to handle the heat

How to Handle the Heat

Summer is the busiest season for companies that work outdoors. Whether it’s construction, landscaping, or any outdoor career, warm weather means work! The sunshine is always a welcome relief after the cold, dreary months of winter; but it brings danger with it. In 2014, 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness Read more


Top 10 OHSA Recordable Series: Struck By Injuries

One minute you’re up, the next thing you know, you’re knocked onto the floor and in pain. You didn’t see it coming because you weren’t paying attention. In the workplace, you can be struck by anything at any moment of time. This is why being aware at all times while Read more


Top 10 OHSA Recordable Series: Falls

Slippery floors, uneven walking surfaces, clutter. Any of these hazards could be the cause of a major fall in the workplace. Falls can happen at any moment, when you are least expecting it. It’s important to be cautious and prepared at all times for hazards such as these. General industry Read more


Create A Safety Culture

Work environments can have many different auras to them. There are business professional workplaces, laidback work environments, the fun-loving spaces, and everything else in between. But all companies and businesses should have something in common— that safety is embedded in their culture. No matter the tone of the overall office, Read more


Trenching Safety

Spring weather can be volatile. And if your job is to be working outside, not only do you need to become a “weatherman,” but you also need to take into consideration what that weather is doing to the surfaces and ground you are working on. Warmer weather has work crews Read more

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Spring Weather can Bring Hazards for your Drivers

We are finally rounding the corner with winter weather. Spring brings a whole new set of challenges to look out for depending on your industry. For bus drivers – regardless if they are city transportation or school bus drivers, weather changes can be an issue. Here are a few tips Read more


Tips to Prevent Workplace Accidents

What is an accident? This can be interpreted several ways… Merriam-Webster defines an accident as an “unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance.” How often do we hear, “he was injured in an accident at work.” Hopefully this isn’t the case for your workplace, but as an employer it Read more


Working Safely in Cold Weather

As the weather is starting to change as should our on-site safety procedures. Just as summer brings challenges with the heat, cold weather – wind, ice and snow all pose a threat to the safety of those work crews who are working out in the elements. Here are a few Read more