Substance Abuse Professional

The WCORHA Healthcare Alliance EAP is unique in which we are able to provide a Substance Abuse Professional – SAP – locally, to employers needing assistance when their commercial drivers have violated Federal Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations.

Have a plan in place

When the issue is addressed by establishing comprehensive programs, which often include a policy, education and training, testing, and access to treatment through Employee Assistance Programs or other resources, it’s a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

A Department of Transportation SAP Evaluation program can provide you with local DOT certified substance abuse professionals, who can perform an initial evaluation, referral and follow-up evaluation. They will also directly communicate with Designated Employer Representative (DER), regarding treatment plan and/or educational plan and follow-up. They will be compliant with all Department of Transportation Regulations.

Training a new employee can be costly, so terminating isn’t always in your best interests. Instead, a SAP can assist in developing a treatment and/or an educational plan. All this is done while keeping you and your business in compliance with DOT regulations. Our SAP can perform the initial evaluation, provide a referral to a treatment provider, and complete the process with a follow-up evaluation.

This will help you with continued employment, thereby avoiding re-hire and training costs, while reducing risks of litigation and lawsuits. By supporting your employees with an employee assistance program and treatment options you can dramatically reduce the impact of drug abuse in the workplace.

For additional information on our DOT SAP program, download our detailed SAP flyer or call us toll-free 1-800-752-7923