Clinical Services

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Our Alliance hospitals and clinics offer a variety of clinical services that are designed to accommodate all of your Occupational Health needs. Our physical exams can be tailored to meet the specific requirements your company may have, and our team of highly trained physicians and medical staff complete thorough exams and procedures to ensure job candidates are capable of performing specific jobs in the workplace. These physical examinations are in full compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Department of Transportation (DOT), OSHA, and NIOSH.

Clinical services can additionally be brought directly to the worksite, in order to fully meet your needs. See more information about our on-site services here, to see how we can bring these to you with minimal disruption to your company’s workflow.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug testing is a key component of many companies’ risk control program. WCORHA can be your ‘one-stop shop’ for all your drug testing needs. Whether you opt for pre-employment screening or use random drug test procedures, either legally required or implemented by choice, we have your company’s best interest in mind.

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We realize the need for businesses that operate statewide or nationally to develop a standard set of protocols and written reports. WCORHA professionals utilize the protocols you have developed to provide consistency in services. We can help you with Pre-employment physicals, DOT Physicals, Annual Examinations, Executive Physicals, Respirator and Surveillance Physicals, as well as Fit for Duty/Return to Work.

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Hearing Conservation

Exposure to potentially hazardous noise levels is a reality in some workplaces, but noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. That’s why minimizing the risk, both for employees exposed to high levels of noise and employers facing tough OSHA compliance, is very important.

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Physical medicine and Rehab

As part of our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services, we can give your employees a variety of physical tests that will ensure they reduce their risk for injury on the job, or are safely able to return to work after an injury.

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Onsite Services

We have a team of healthcare professionals that are committed to providing personalized care for your employees. That’s why we bring our clinic services to your workplace. Onsite services offer you a timely, customized approach to delivering health care, while minimizing disruption to your workflow.

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