Onsite Services

WCORHA-onsite-Occ-Health-videoAt WCORHA, our team of healthcare professionals are committed to providing personalized care for your employees. That’s why we bring our clinic services to your workplace. Onsite services offer you a timely, customized approach to delivering health care, while minimizing disruption to your workflow.

We offer onsite services that include:

Drug and Alcohol Screening

We can provide both DOT and Non-DOT Urine Drug Screens, or instant urine drug screens.


We conduct a variety of physical tests to meet your needs, including DOT Physicals, Annual and Pre-employment, Respirator Clearance exams, as well as Surveillance Physicals. We are also able to offer pre-placement back evaluations, on-site ergonomics training, a sprain and strain clinic, and post offer physical ability assessments.

Hearing Conservation

If you’re concerned with employee hearing loss we provide comprehensive testing program to help identify factors that may be contributing to hearing loss. If hearing loss is found we can provide referrals and follow up exams.

Education and Safety Classes

WCORHA, in partnership with our employers, takes a multidisciplinary approach in creating customized plans to meet the health and wellness goals of companies and their employees. Through our WCORHA affiliated hospitals, we offer ongoing education and prevention programs offered by a local team of expert health and safety professionals.

Some of our classes include CPR/AED, first aid, blood borne pathogen, ergonomics training, as well as OSHA directed and pertinent safety topics.

Worksite Wellness

Our workplace wellness includes on-site health screenings, monthly support from our wellness coordinator, and promotion of appropriate health and disease management programs.

We offer an on-site Medical Director and Nursing Services

In addition to our on-site services, we also have available an on-site medical director and nursing services who can provide your employees with management of work-related injury or illness, review and oversight of health and medical protocols. We will collaborate with human resources, in both health and safety regards, and be able to provide case management for injury or disability claims. We will provide a company resource for medical and environmental surveillance programs and offer employee physical examinations.