Why Occupational Health

Why choose a dedicated Occupational Health Provider?

How can an Occupational Health provider keep your workplace running smoothly? From timely management of work-related injuries to easier communication, to putting the paperwork into the hands of a professional, incorporating Occupational Health care in your workplace might be the smartest solution for the care of your employees.

Get your employees back to work after an injury

Occupational Health physicians are trained to be able to assess an injured employee and they know the best practices to use to get them back to work.

Our providers are specially trained in workplace injuries and understand the workplace environment.

A family physician may not understand what kinds of physical activity your employees are doing on a daily basis, but an Occupational Health physician does. That’s why an Occupational Health physician knows how to get your employees back to work.

Because it’s critical that an injured employee remain productive and on the job, the goal of the Occupational Health provider is simple: to give the necessary health care, in an efficient and timely manner for all involved.

A better work environment

An occupational healthcare physician understands your work environment, and knows the specific requirements you may have, such as Department of Transportation requirements. They are a better predictor of risks, and will assist in ideas and ways to prevent workplace injury.