Workplace Wellness

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.Designing and managing employee health and wellness programs that have a real, measurable impact on employees health outcomes is a challenging task. If you are ready to address the ever increasing healthcare cost, and want a flexible wellness program that meets your needs, then WellScript is the answer you’ve been searching for!

WellScript’s design is based upon the proven seven step process developed by the Wellness Council of America to achieve improved employee health. We will guide your organization throughout the year, capturing senior level support, creating a cohesive wellness team that can collect data to focus on a results-oriented wellness initiative.

We can help you craft an annual operating plan, choosing appropriate health promotion interventions, while creating a supportive health promoting environment with carefully evaluated outcomes.

It all starts with a health screening event

Our on-site employee health screening events are the first step and a vital component of a successful workplace wellness initiative. We are experienced in planning, promoting, and managing worksite health screening events for as few as 10 and up to 2,000 employees. Our professional team have seen proven results with licensed and certified medical clinicians, who have efficiently administered biometric screenings for employees, meeting GLBVideo1the specific needs of each corporation.

We have an experienced staff of health professionals, who are efficient and focused on each individual employee to ensure they are comfortable throughout the screening process, while answering their important questions. We do what we say we are going to do, striving to ensure the best experience possible by handling all of the details and implementing projects from start to finish. Relationships are developed, trust built, and events are run smoothly.
WCORHA provides you with aggregate reports of all your biometric health screenings, through the convenience of an online dashboard. These online reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the employee health population once the biometric screenings and health risk assessments have been completed. This allows you to offer targeted programs and services aimed at improving the health and well-being of your workforce.

We store your data, safe, secure, and always confidential

Once we have determined what your workforce needs our next step is to offer health coaching, so your employees can see real results.

Get your employees started with a health coach

HCVideo1It’s often hard for people to get started on the right path. Many people know what the need to do to improve health, but have trouble getting started or sticking to a healthful lifestyle.

That’s why we have health coaches, trained through the National Society of Health Coaches, to provide support and develop strategies to help individuals increase physical activity, make better food choices, and create a work-life balance. And that’s just the beginning.

Our health coaches will create a personalized plan, recognizing behaviors and working to shift them to improve employees readiness to change. They’ll break down goals to manageable steps and track the progress, while helping employees learn strategies that will help them maintain their goals.

Did you know by 2050 one in three Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes?

Our Group Lifestyle Balance program is tailored to help lower an employee’s risk of diabetes and heart disease, and coaches work with the employees to lose a minimum of 5 to 7 percent body weight and increase physical activity to 150 minutes a week. And, we help with tobacco cessation, which is one of the best ways your employees can improve their health.

We offer an online health management platform to engage your employees, so they can better manage their health.

Our program will:

  • Gather data and stratify health risks
  • Drive participant to engage in programs
  • Reward for participation or outcome

Our online management is easy to use and designed to respond to the specific health risks of each participant, all while keeping you in compliance with HIPAA, GINA, and the Affordable Care Act.

You will be able to easily identify and measure risks, progress, and results, with access to real time data that makes it simple to reward employees for their participation and successes. And, you’ll be able to promote year long employee engagement while keeping them accountable.

Employees will appreciate the simple and sleek modern tiles that organize their user information. They are able to share results with a primary care provider, and are able to use tracking options with services like Fit Bit, Nike+, RunKeeper, and more. Trending data is available easily.